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Our Kankakee Veteran Celebrity

Mike Clifford

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The stalkers are chomping at the bit for warm weather, Norm.


They sure ain't gonna follow you around in this weather!



The "something" that was referred to had something to do with that sign tucked under my arm.....LOL

Remember the moment well.

Dale and I were installing signs, which resulted in a full page article on the effort, and we happened upon the Guru of all things Kank himself.

The beard of "biblical proportions".

Everything came full circle at that point.

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I remember the day you speak of. You were out with Dale posting a sign at an off the track spot that he didn't know about. We had a very nice and productive discussion of the state of the river and conservation efforts. We also discussed some of the major players and issues we had dealt with from our invidual perspectives. Shoot, Dale prolly could have got three or four columns out of that.


I also remember the day Dale talks of and the picture he refers to. I was proving to him that it was possible to catch smallies in mid winter in water just above freezing on crankbaits. I took his picture with his brand new digital camera of him, the smallie and the crankbait. Due to my relationship with cameras of course it didn't load all the pixels, only I could screw up a digital camera.


We decided to try for another bass and this time he would take the picture. He ended up catching a good sized carp twixt 12-15 lbs on the crankbait. I knelt down, leaned over the ice shelf and got the fish in and my crankbait that Dale was using back. Dale says, well you're already holding the fish and you aren't touching my new camera with those slimy hands, so he takes the picture. Of course it works perfectly and when he writes the article, there I am in all my glory holding a big carp for all to see in the pages of the Times.


That picture was on the bulletin board at work for over two months. Beware of bearded guys named Dale with a wicked sense of humor.



I also remember someone with the initials J.J. putting another picture of me holding a carp I caught on a tube in the Bronzeback Bulletin. I would guees that one was around 2000 or 2001.


Pretty good memory for a guy whose wife writes come home at the bottom of the grocery list.

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