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Since it's so crummy outside, been playing with more terrestrials. Used this last year on several ponds with success on the big green brethren but think a smallie might enjoy it as well if fished in the shallows. Kind of a hopper or cicada or maybe a green dragonfly imitation. Bright olive Angel hair cut up and used as underbody dubbing for some flash and the rest basic materials I had around the house. I know, nothing special but might play around getting some big compound eyes on the thing.






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Nice cross between a Bett's dragon fly and an overgrown elk hair caddis or in this case, deer hair caddis.

Couple of variations you might want to try is using pearl crystal flash for the wing to imitate the wings of a cicada or take some white fish hair, puglisi ep fibers or something similar and tie it across the back to imitate the wings on a dragon fly.

These types of foam flies are good when you the fish seem skittish or you want to use something quieter than a popper.

Nice looking fly and should work well this summer.

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