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I Must Say.......

Terry Dodge

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I got my first issue of the "Bronzeback Bulletin" and was very impressed!

Then about two days after that I got my "New Member" package. WOW!!

I feel a sense of pride being part of such a great group of people. It's one of the

best things I've ever done. The real kicker is, now that I'm part of such a great group

I plan on doing even better things in the days, months and years to come.

I only have one question.......

I work 2nd shift so I wont be able to attend all the meetings. At night I get home and the wife has my

dinner all dished out for me on a plate and I warm it up in the microwave and sit alone eating, thinking the

whole time about what stretch of river I'm going to fish, what fly am I going to use to land that big smallmouth,

where is that big smallmouth hiding at and on and on.

My question is.......Am I in the right spot?

Loving the ISA



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Welcome Terry, glad you liked the newsletter. While we do have meetings around the state and throughout the year, and we encourage everyone to come when they can, meetings are only a small part of the ISA. Because our members are scattered around the state, it is difficult to get to meetings sometimes. These forums try and take the place of the face to face gatherings for those who can't make it to meetings. When you are looking for answers to fishing questions or when you're looking for someone to fish with this is a good place to come. If you are looking for up to date information on ISA events or news, this is the place to come. If you could only get to one meeting, you should get to the Bronzeback Blowout on March 6. Call off sick if you have to, but THAT will be the right spot on that day. 200 smallmouth fanatics in one place at the same time. Once the water warms up a bit, most meetings will be on the water and in the morning so you should be able to make some of them.

Don't be a stranger, we're glad you're here.

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Being a new guy I've already offered my services on March 6 at the Rockford Outdoor Sports Show, the same day as the Blow Out.

I'll be at the Blow Out next year and am looking foreward to it.

As far as the outings, I'll be PMing people about that.

The float & fly thing on the Kish has my interest as I have never done this float & fly thing before.

Looking foreward to good times.

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I work 3-11 with Tuesday-Wednesday off. If there is an event I want to attend I can't get time off for, I'll go and spend as much time at it as my schedule allows. Everyone understands that sometimes life interupts fishing and you have to leave early.


You can post a trip in the hooking up section and many times you'll get guys that are retired, have the day off or work the same schedule reply and join you.


If you ever see me on line after work and you have a question, shoot me a PM.

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Thank you for stepping up at the Rockford show so an Officer like me can go to Blowout. Blowouts are a blast and I still have a great time even though I'm working 1/2 the time.


You are in the right spot if you're looking for like minded anglers. Many of us spend plenty of time thinking about what stretch of river I'm going to fish, what fly am I going to use to land that big smallmouth,

where is that big smallmouth hiding at and on and on. Some may even call some of us obsessed.


The ISA is like anything else in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out. If you take the time to meet and fish with members you will learn more about smallmouth bass fishing period. If you have dreams and visions of cleaning up our waterways and improving the habitat, this is a good forum to execute them. We have some money set aside for projects and a large member base to leverage volunteer manpower.


Some members just lurk the forums and read the newsletters happy knowing their $30 goes to a good cause.


It's all up to you and we're happy to have you either way.

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