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Flashy Gold Material

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Last January (the one in 2009) I stopped in at Hobby Lobby to look for something different to use as fly tying material.

I ran across this gold flashy stuff that ended up being the make or break factore of the "09" fishing season for me.



I started tying it on as a collar to my Thunder Creeks



Then I used it as a body wrap for some Hopper imitations



But the hot fly for me last year ended up being this thing I call The Golden Dawn Retriever.

It's a bead-head with wraps of lead around the shank covered by black floss then wrapped with the gold flashy stuff

and ostrich herl as the tail. This is also real nice with a conehead.



I picked up about 100 yards of this gold flashy stuff for like 4 bucks! If I was half-way smart I would have picked up

other colors.huh.gif Live and learn I guess.

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I really don't recall the name. Like the idiot that I am, I must have given the packaging that it came in the toss in the bucket. I'm planning

on heading back over to Hobby Lobby this weekend to see if I can find more in different colors. Don't worry I plan to use my brain a bit

more and take a sample of the "gold flashy stuff" with me to see if I can find a match or show it someone who works there that may

know what it is and order some more if need be. Sorry I don't recall the name but I'm working on it. unsure.gif

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It could be a variation on a material they call Eyelash.


This calls for a swap. At least that is what I do when I buy a skein of hobby material (about 70 yards) and know that I will not use all of it. I have Bohemian Chenille in several colors. It would look great for a bugger overwrapped with flashuy stuff. It sounds like you will have a surplus in several colors. Pmail me if you are interested in swapping yard for yard. (PS black is out of stock.)

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Okay, so I ran out to Hobby Lobby and they still had some on hand. It's called Gilt Eyelash by Yarn Bee and they had three types in stock.

"Night Fire" which is the gold flashy stuff, "Chocolate" which is like a dark bronze color and then a light tan color with gold flash they call "Sun Sparkle".

The cost is $6.99 + tax and you get 125 yards. I bought the Chocolate because I liked the dark bronze color and it also looks as if it has just a hint

of a dark red in the flash.

So to sum up; Yarn Bee - Gilt Eyelash in colors "Night Fire", "Chocolate", & "Sun Sparkle"

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It a synthetic "hackle" I have this material in several colors and sizes from (I believe) Wapsi.


Its sold by hackle length, i.e. 1/2", 3/4", 1 1/2", etc...


You're right, it looks great on buggers and for collar hackle on Steelhead flies.

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