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New Newsletter has arrived!

Jim J

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Norm, not to disagree but... We pride ourselves on how many people write for the newsletter.


Here are 16 people that contributed for this issue in order of appearance. Geez it's only a twenty pager including covers.


Scott Ferguson

Mike Clifford

Rich M

Vera Bojic

Dave Jones

Ed Buric

Brian Qusenberry

Al Winco

John L

Norm Minas

Sam Wilson

Kelly Gallop/Ray Schmidt

Jude Torre

Jeff Little

and 2 others that were unnamed

"Kids and Creeks and "Gear Review"


Sorry if I missed anyone.

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Wow! I loved it! Can I read it again?

That is one fine news letter you put together there.

Just wondering........Do you have copies of those on hand at the outdoor shows?

It just seems like a real good promotional devise.

I guess I'll find out when I help out at the Rockford show.

Again, real nice job.


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Guest rich mc

you bet we have copies to show. we have about 6 issued held together with a big metal ring. this helps them from being picked up and carried off.definitely an item that can turn someone into joining. got my fine issue today. rich

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