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John Loebach

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Final count:

Day 1 - 1n/2r

Day 2 - 17n/5r

Day 3 - 7n/8r

Total - 25n/15r =40


09 totals:

Day 1 - 4n/1r

Day 2 - 19n/3r

Day 3 - 5n/4r

Total - 28n/8r =36

More later. John


One more critical statistic - volunteers by day:

Day 1 - 6 -Rich M,Cory G, Al O, Ed B,Norm P, John L.

Day 2 - 9 - Pat H, Josh B, Mike L,Ron G,Mitch S,Cory G,Mike A, Alan S,John L.

Day 3- 6- Norm P, Michael T, Jude T, Jim J, Cory G,John L.


Lots of help, effort & enthusiasm made this a great event. I can't say enough about all the help. I do want to say to the members who worked all day or more than one day we owe you one. To those that I did not get to talk to much, I'll catch up at the blowout. It was great to see the faces who have'nt been out lately. Lets all try to fish more in the coming year.

One last comment on the new/renew numbers - I know of 3 renews who said they had lapsed but were coming back. They were entered as renew but I think they are every bit as important as any new sign-up. Thank You to all - great job!!

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