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Fly Tying at Anglers International Resource


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Today while taking a break from manning the ISA booth at the Rosemont Show, I stopped by the Anglers International Resource booth and inquired about the monthly ISA Bassbuggers fly tying events at their store since I've seen no events scheduled recently on the ISA calendar. The store owner confirmed that the Bassbuggers are tying in the back room of the store on the second Thursday of the month. Please confirm whether or not this response is correct . . . and if not, why not. Thanks.

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Was advised that the store will probably resume their late evening hours in March. That said, Stuart, may I presume the Thursday night group will also resume fly tying once again when the store extends hours?

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I've been to a few fly tying events. I've never tied a fly but it's always nice to see friendly faces. You really should try to attend one of these events Steve.


Random photo unrelated to this thread. It's the new thing to do these days! :rolleyes:





Have attended one prior "Flies of the ISA" event . . . and am looking forward to attending this year's event. Also looking forward to resumption of the Thursday night Bassbuggers meeting at Anglers International that Stuart leads.

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