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For All Outdoor Show Volunteers

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First of all let me say thanks to all of you who have volunteered to work the ISA booth at the upcoming outdoor shows.


Next, when you get to the booth, be sure to sign in the show binder and write down what hours you were in the booth. If a question comes up later, it is helpful to know who was there when. Please read the instruction sheet so you are familiar with how things should work. There are some good tips in there that will help you sell ISA memberships. Please remember, that in addition to making ourselves known, we are at the show to sell memberships. We spend a great deal of money to attend these shows, so the more you can sell, the better. Remember, it is very important to ask for the money right there. If someone walks away without paying, odds are they won't send in the money later.


When taking down new member information, please take your time and PRINT legibly. Read the info back to make sure everything is correct. If I can't read the writing, the new member might not get what he paid for.


There is a change in the way we are taking credit cards this year. We now have our own credit card account so we no longer have to use Jim Jozwiak's account. At all the shows except for Rosemont and Rockford, there will be a credit card imprinter that you will use along with a multipart slip. This is old technology but you just put the card in the imprinter along with the slip and drag the handle, I'm sure you remember how they used to do it. You then fill in the amount, and what they are paying for. Have the person sign the slip and include their phone number in case there is a problem. Then give them the middle (customer) copy. Because we only have one imprinter, at Rosemont and Rockford, you will have to write the credit card number and expiration date on the slip.


If you have any questions, please post them here and we'll try and help out.


Thanks again.

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