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Kankakee River Documentary Video

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The promotional rough-cut of a soon-to-be produced full length documentary that friends of mine in Indiana are working hard to get finished.


The ISA has a mention in the credits (Assoc., instead of Alliance.....oh well)

We'll get that straight next time.


Great video.

Some of you have already met my good friend Jim Sweeney at the members meeting where I was presenter.

Did I see a William Chase in the credits?

Check it out-

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Will be viewing the video with the producers at a Three Creeks Historical

Society meeting tomorrow evening at the Lowell public library at 7 pm.

Sometimes we just need to get off the phone and internet and speak to the movers and shakers in person.


Are you game, Norm?


Anyone else?

This isn't simply the introduction to an historical video, this is history in the making.

The efforts to save this river in our lifetime starts here.

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I'm taking a class on Emerald Ash Borers in connection with the Master Naturalist Wednesday afternoon and have a KRBC meeting Wednesday evening.


More K3 Roundtable meetings coming up, I hope to talk to them more about the kids turning in the video thing I told Marc Miller about at the Blowout as well as other stuff.


I thought a guy was supposed to start slowing down at this stage of life, it seems that there is always another opportunity to do something for the river that beckons.

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How can the wetland restoration spoken of in the video be resolved with the farming interests?Are they "on board"with the restoration plans?

In Indiana, not until the feds make them.

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