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Passing The Torch

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There comes a time in every person's life that has ever devoted an

inordinate about of time towards volunteer efforts to question when

our work is done.

We talk about passing the torch, but a torch means it has to be lit.

When the flame is perilously close to becoming extinguished by the

demands we face in life with family, work and everything that comes

with it.....a tough decision sometimes needs to be made.

The ISA has been a part of me for so long, I can't remember a single

day that didn't require my attention to something that required some

sort of action in order to help preserve and protect Illinois rivers

and streams. The passion for conservation comes from a fire that burns


The articles I've written over the years have been published with the

ultimate goal of allowing me to pass the torch while it is still

burning bright, to that special someone that feels the passion and has

the desire to make a profound difference.


Somebody reading this article will come to the realization that they

have what it takes to become the next Conservation Director for the

Illinois Smallmouth Alliance.

There is little glory, but the gains in conservation are tremendous.

As the largest fishing organization in the state, our peers are

offered a unique perspective when it comes to working in collaboration

on many issues.

Taking a leadership position in a group like ours doesn't mean you are

charged with saving the world, it simply states that you have the

passion to try and affect a local environment that means so much to so

many. It isn't so much the quality of service, but the product of

devotion that matters most.


The torch has been passed. Are you willing to accept it?

Please contact one of the officers on this website

and make the leap for conservation that you know you are capable of


Only you can keep that torch lit.

Allow me to step away with dignity and pride in the knowledge that your passion is waiting in the wings.

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Thank You for a job well done. You have been the best Conservation Director in the history of the ISA. You brought skills that surpassed what others had and a passion that met or exceeded those who preceded you.


I hope someone is willing to step up and take over this rewarding if oft times challenging role. May someone see fit to keep the torch burning.


I understand exactly where you are coming from Mike. There comes a time when you must do what is best for you. Once again, thank you for years of devotion to the cause.

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Thanks for all the kind words, I really appreciate your support now and through the years.

I'm staying with the position on a "term" level, until somebody is found that shares the same passions and needs an outlet for them.


So if your phone rings and it's me on the other end.......

Yes, I have the database at my disposal.


Should I start at the bottom of the alphabet, or the top.....hmmmm.



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