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blowout tying contest

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

so who has been working on their fluke type fly? we posted an article on it in the sept/oct issue of the bronzeback bulletin. its a fly to imitate a plastic fluke bait as far as darting action. more than one fly can be submitted. all flies will become a raffle prize after the competition is over. what do you tyers think of having a trophy for the winner? rich

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Don't forget the photo op. I still don't believe there were any flies last year. It is rumored that the frog Craig had in Fly tyer recently was the winner. Will he be using the rest of the curler this year? :rolleyes:


Seriously, a lot of creativity comes out in those flies; so I for one would like to have a record showing as many flies as possible. Of course my pet thought is that the finalists should have an on the water fish off-one hour, one fly, one fish. Though that is hard to do, it is a true test. Remember the Mudler is so ugly that nobody would have used it unless it caught fish.


Since trophies are a lot of trouble to procure and engrave, I favor a certificate that is filled in and handed out on the spot.

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