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Volunteer 2010

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With christmas around the corner and it is a idea to start looking for Volunteer work now. Most of it takes no time what so ever.


Dupage and Kane County both have very user sites to find some work. Some will only take an extra 30 minutes of your fishing time..or tv. And TV really isn't good any more anyways. I am looking into how to use my time now. :)

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Write to your legislators and members of the executive branch at all levels of government to express your concerns and what you desire to see accomplished concerning issues that you care about. All it takes is some time and some stamps.


The IDNR also has opportunities to do volunteer work. Look to see if your river has a local partnership or stewarding group that could use a helping hand.


Take some kids fishing, teach them what it's all about. Take some senior citizens fishing, let them remember what it's all about.


You find something that needs to get done, spend your time trying to work on a solution rather than moaning someone needs to do something about it.


Take a stream monitoring class from the River Watch or get together with some like minded folks and adopt a stretch of your local stream.


Fishing show season is coming, volunteer to man the ISA booth at your favorite show. Come on out to an ISA conservation event, we don't bite, tho the fish may afterward.


One thing is certain, there are always more opportunities than there are volunteers.

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For those that don't know what a Steward is.




My neighbor is one, this is something I am looking into as she is getting older and needs help. We have watched a woodland behind our house disappear. Lawnmowers in the ponds, surrounding farms being sold for commerical use, construction workers dumping concrete in the woods over rare natural native plants, what was once and tucked away and quiet now has noise and light pollution. Just recental they took this to a all new level. It is matter of time before the whole paraire and woodland is gone. Which is sad, I see toads, frogs, bucks, and hear coyote cry at night. It could all be gone. It shrunk 1/4 it's size since we moved 5 years ago. It is something to think about.


A steward needs to decaate some time for education, but really not that much.


Another lesser of the two is a Forest Monitor.


Consider how simple this is, something to do with your kid. Something to get you outside for at least a few times a month. Outdoorsmen are out there more than any one else

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