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11/16/09 Bassbuggers Fly Tie - Follow up


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Hello fellow Bassbuggers,

I apologize for the late posting of the 3rd Monday Bassbugger fly tying event. The computer monster has been overcome and I am back on-line.

9 Bassbuggers attended an educational and challenging evening of fly tying at One More Cast. Bob Davenport started us off with an excellent talk on the various uses of turkey wing feathers. He brought in a HUGE 'full spread' wild turkey wing to point out various feathers and their tying applications. We followed with a discussion about nomenclature of hackle/feather parts as I learned it from a Chris Helm class. We also talked about the origin and history of the Muddler Minnow. Then, we got down to the business of tying a Muddler Minnow. We focused a lot on proportion and the technique of choosing matched turkey slips and tying them right on top of the hook (tail & overwing). We worked on tying a round bundle of squirrel tail (underwing) on top of a round hook (easy when you know the trick). And we worked on spinning and trimming a deer hair collar. As you might have guessed, we only had time to tie 1 fly. I think everyone picked up a little better technique by tying this classic pattern.


Please Note: Bassbuggers is NOT meeting for a Monday nite fly tie in December, but will resume the 4th Monday of January at One More Cast.


Thanks for a wonderful evening guys (and gal),

Cory G

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