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Did Eric go rogue?

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Interesting. Not on the members' list. It seems like the pictures are gone too.


He was #5 in the poll. Now there is no 5.



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I wouldn't worry about it.

Not the first time Eric has pulled his posts, only to start fresh later.


Enjoy the reports when they are here, that's all you can expect from internet forums.


I run a business that provides a means for people to clean up their internet profiles- "Personal Branding" as it is commonly referred to.

Part of that process includes removing all message board postings that a person has ever made (and beer funnel photos on Facebook) and replacing the search engine results with nothing but positive karma.


Not that Eric is doing this, but what he does with his online content is his business and his right to manipulate as he wishes.


We have a couple more days of stupendous weather ahead of us- go fishing and report back!

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