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Mathiesen State Park?


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Just got an email from a friend in Danville asking about the Vermillion upstream from Mathiesen. Has anyone heard of the state (dnr) closing the river at the gravel pits and declaring it a non-navigatable stream? He told me he heard the Vermillion Rafting Company went out of business and the dnr now has conservation officers patrolling the river at the gravel pits to keep people from floating through the area. I usually fish the park area a couple times a month over the summer, but only got up there once this entire year due to the erratic water levels.


Anybody have any info on this?



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The report is true. You can still get in at Mathiesson, but as you move downstream and get to the Wildcat rapids, there is a sign telling you that the cement factory owns the LAND AND THE WATER............crazy sign. It is truly hard to believe that it is legal. I went to a meeting about this and there is a legislator and an attorney working on getting this changed at the state level. The key is they need to get the river designated as navigateable. If they can get the status of the river changed, then the cement factory cannot shut off people from floating down the river. I am planning to do an article for the next newsletter.

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