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Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass Magazine?

Terry Dodge

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Is there a magazine that is dedicated to fly fishing for smallmouth bass?

I pick up magazines when ever I can, when I see that it may have an article on fly fishing for smallmouths but all

the magazine are mainly trout magazines. I would think as popular of a sport that chasing smallies with the fly rod is

there would be a magazine dedicated to the sport but i have yet to see one.


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There use to be a magazine called Warm Water Fly Fishing by Abernaki Publishing (American Angler). I got published in it and that ended up being the last issue. I talked to the editor and he said the problem was getting advertising. Not enough fly fishermen (at that time) cared about warm water fly fishing. To most it's secondary while trout, salmon and saltwater are their main forms of fishing. Even now when I do a warm water fishing trip for the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club (400 members) I'm lucky to get six people come on a trip. Then on the trips if the fishing gets tough, half of them will pull out spinning tackle. I worked the FFF Florida Conclave and out of thirty tyers, maybe three of us were tying warm water flies. We are a minority in a minority. I think you'll see a magazine devoted to carp fishing before you see one about bassbugging. IMO most fly fishermen only care about topwater and sight fishing. Say streamer dredging or deep water and they tune out. If they're looking for technical fishing "deep" is it. You have to find a fish you cannot see in forty thousand acres of water that may be anywhere from the surface to thirty feet deep, then get a fly to them and make them hit. Much harder than casting at a fish you see feeding in a riffle.

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