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Scout swim jig

Jonn Graham

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After a few years of tying swim jigs, here are three colors that have been productive and seem to catch the eye of the fisherman as well:




The above jig is called the "BullGill". The head is powder painted Junebug on top with a little orange on the bottom. The skirt has almost every color a male bluegill exhudes. Also,there are a few strands of orange skirt on the bottom. This color is very popular and is my go-to "dark color".




The above jig is relatively new. It is called the Blue Shad. The skirt is quite cool as it looks silverish, but when in sunlight, it exhibits a blue pearl color. Very popular clear water color. While the head looks like it is not painted, it is powder painted with a silver clear coat. I think it matches the skirt quite well.





This last jig has it all. I call it "Heartland Craw". Matter of fact, the company where I get my skirts liked the name so well, that he named the skirt "Heartland craw" as well. This jig has a green pumpkin head with a little orange under neath. The skirt contains three colors blended together. Two shades of green pumpkin and a little chartreuse. Really cool dark, bottom dwelling color.


Of course, one color I left off, that is also popular, is my silver shad color. This jig has a white head with a white skirt that has silver glitter plastered on the skirt. Good all around color scheme.

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Guest rich mc

very nice. i do beliebve jonn will have these and others at teh shabbona seminars for sale. dont forget the shabbona special,which is like the shad one he mentioned with some blue on top rich

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Im a member at private strip mines that have extremely clear water. Without a doubt my best color is a blue shad color, anything that puts out that blue glow or flash. That middle color would be a killer on these pits. The strip mines have freshwater herring in them,would that color resemble them?I know for a fact they have no shad in them.

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Mr. Bonney:


I can create any "flavor" you want. Folks of late have been ordering my BullGill pattern quite a bit along with the Blue Shad. But, as you know, I can custom make any color combo you want. Keep in mind, we know have more head sizes: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 ounce. Shoot me a PM through the site and we can talk. thanks for your continued interest.



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Hi John...

I am new to the ISA...and was doing some reading this afternoon and came across all the swim jig threads! I would love to purchase a couple of these and try my hand with it. Can you help me with colors/types. I primarily fish the fox..


Very enticing!


Thank you,

Jeff Didier

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