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Fall Soft Plastic blowout at Graham Mart

Jonn Graham

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My outdoor fishing shed, also known by a few of my buddies as Graham Mart, is getting awful full. Time to get rid of some stuff so I can walk safely through the shed. So, I went through a bunch of boxes of soft plastics and here is what I came up with for sale. Each box or group of baits will be sold together. If the baits come in a box, the box is included in the price. Here we go.............



Box #1


First box is a bunch of 4-5 inch plastic worms. Various manufacturers. Some have twister tail ends, some do not. Here is a photo of the box:




Price = $6



Box #2 - Lizards. This box contains a bunch of lizards. Most are 4 inches long, but a few may be longer. Below is the photo:




Price = $6




Box #3 - Finesse spider grubs. Now these baits are hard to get ahold of. Gene Larew makes these small, finesse hula grubs. They measure from 2-3 inches long and come in some great colors. Quite a few in the box:






Price = $10



Box #4 - French Fry Worms. Tons of 4 inch fry worms. Almost all of them are Zoom brand and a great selection of colors. Pic below:





price = $12



Box #5 - Creature Baits. This box is full of some real dandy baits. Case Madtoms, Zoom Brushhogs in two sizes, and various other creature-type plastics. Take a look:






Price = $12




Box #6 - Reapers & Helgies. Nice box with a selection of 3 inch reapers and Helgies from Case and Lunker city. Heavy on the reapers.





Price = $12



Grab Bag of plastics #1 - 12 bags of plastics. Various makes and models:



Price = $10



Grab bag of plastics #2 - 12 bags of plastics. Various makes and models:



Price = $10





That's it...............for now. It seems that Graham Mart is constantly expanding ;) If you are interested in any of the above baits, email me at grahamj@district87.org. We will work out shipping charges upon sale. Thanks.

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