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WG Minnow

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While I still spin-fish, I fly fish much more often. I've got a number of Gamakatsu 1/0 and #1 wide gap worm hooks. These hooks are extremely well made and as sharp as the premium fly tying hooks.


Here's my WG Minnow with mylar tubing covering 0.025 lead wire, 3 colors of Super Hair, and 60-sec epoxy to fill in the head area and hold on the eyes.




Hey Al Kwit!? A few years ago you told me I should create a fly that work as well as the Fluke. Well, I don't know if it's as productive, I hope this one is a good start.

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Guest rich mc

looks like someone is getting an early start on a fluke fly for the tying contest. very nice way to set the bar! is it weighted under the mylar? what does wg stand for? rich

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The fly had a workout in the fast water of the Fox Sunday morning. It looks AWESOME in the water; point up and the tri-color krinkly Super Hair makes it look pretty real.


Yes Rich and Nick, it's got maybe 8 turns of 0.025 lead wire under the front half of the mylar.


Alan, no sword....yet.


Jonn, this one might be a Monday night fly at OMC. We should probably take a vote with the group. Otherwise, I'll submit one to the Newletter or one here.


Thanks for the compliment Craig and Gary. Unfortunately, I didn't have a sink tip or intermediate line Sunday and the Fox was up. Plus the air temp was in the 40's, not ideal contditions.


Note to self: that Jude-guy didn't respond....that makes me nervous. He's probably trying to copy this already and claim it's his.

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