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2009 Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days Follow-Up

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We couldn't have asked for better weather for this year's event.

Once again, a tremendous effort was put forth by a dozen hard-core ISA volunteers.

Despite the fact we were in a location not familiar to us and we were taking on more responsibilities, the weekend was a success for all involved.


Thanks again to those that worked so hard to make it happen!


An extra special thanks to Rich, Spiz and Eugene for devoting their entire weekend to the ISA.


In 2010, we we'll be taking over the entire fishing and casting portion as it's primary sponsor.

Looking forward to the challenge, and hope to see many of you there once again.






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had a good time helping the kids with a new way of casting.seeing their eyes light up when they got it (priceless) watched how rich ties the worm. rich also gave me a freshly made worm.thank you rich.was also able to practice with a fly rod before the crowds started showing up.thank you members of drift for sharing your time & knowledge with me .im planning on wiping the dust off my fly rod giving it a go again. trying to upload some pics.(still need to learn how)ill figure it out. when i figure it out i have a dozen pics of Rich tying the worm. THANKS MIKE

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Yeah, Rich's flies were very popular, especially today.

Joseph and DRiFT were sending people our way every chance they got.

Greatly appreciated.


We spoke to a ton of people as a result of being "where the action is", rather than down in the field this year.


My favorite story might have been regarding the 32lb. Buffalo fish in the Hawg Trough.

When they put the thing into the tank, it darted all the way to the end, hit the glass and knocked itself unconscious. Went straight to the bottom, started bleeding, and they thought it was a goner.

It recovered nicely and spent the weekend showing off for the crowd.


That thing deserves an award of some kind for being such a sport about it.


What a wild weekend.

Wouldn't trade the experiences, new friendships made and old ones solidified for anything.

My first experience speaking at the Hawg Trough went extremely well also. Had some people really focused on every word regarding IL rivers and streams and the troubles they are facing.

Truly a "who's who" of fishing and conservation. Those that bust their humps day in and day out for the cause were there giving their all for 2 incredible days.

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these two days went faster than a day fishing.thanks again for eugene, mike and spitzdoing dounle duty. craig , ed and michael chronik completed the work detail. being placed in the busy section made it more sociable and we felt like we were a big part of the whole thing, which we were. it was great to see so many families and their kids participating in outdoor events. next year, OH the possiblities! Thanks rich

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