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NW Region Rock River Outing 9/26

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Just a reminder that we have a wade/shore fishing outing this Saturday at 8:00AM. It will be in Rockton, IL on the Rock River. The river in this area has a diversion dam and splits into 2 channels. One offers over a mile of walkable rocky shorline to fish. The other requires a medium to advanced level wade depending on the flow and how much water you like to cover. As long as the USGS gage is 3.9 ft or lower both areas should be fishable. Smallmouth bass will probably be the most caught species but I would be surprised if there weren't a few walleye, sauger, pike, white bass, or catfish caught on this trip. The meeting location is difficult to desribe. Feel free to send me a PM or call me at 815-703-2651 and I can e-mail or describe the detailed map I have printed out. So far only 3 other people have expressed interest so we still have plenty of room for more.

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We have had a bit of rain in the area and more importantly to the north since I last posted. This river has rose a good foot over the past few days. below is a link to the USGS gage:


My link


4.5ft makes the wade below the dam challenging if not impossible to get to one of the good multispecies areas. Above the dam through the diversion "race" always has a consistant flow no matter what the main river is doing. This has the most consistant smallmouth fishing anyway. A high flow just limits how much water we can fish.

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Ron and I waded/shore fished below that crazy dam for about an hour after lunch. Tried a few areas that looked like they should hold fish, but nothing brought to hand. We returned to the race for a short while afterward. I had a bite-off (pike?), and landed something I never seen before that I think might have been a drum. Rolled it up about 3:30.


Thanks, Paul, for showing us around. The one and only photo I took is you bringing in a smallie while Ron looks on.

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