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Shoulda slept in


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Came up empty fishing the Dupe in late evening on 9/18.1st time in the last few outtings.Once again there were big fish seemingly feeding on something on top.Had to be carp.No sense in tangling with them with my 4 wt with all the wedds.The only bugs I saw were tiny 20-22 white mayflies and there weren't many of them.

Fished again at first light today.Fished the same 2 stretches.Nothing doing in the 1st one.Carhopped to the 2nd where I finally connected with a bruiser on a bassbug shortly after 7 am.I even managed to land him for a change after losing about 4 big ones in a row in recent outtings.Taped out at 19".That was it for that stretch.I was gonna go home but decided to try another stretch where in previous I've done well though not this year.No go.On the way home there's some good water that I hadn't fished since Spring.Glad I decided to pull over.Got a 16.5",an 18", and lost a nice one in between.It was almost noon by the time I made the last cast.The river the last 2 hours was covered with drifting eel grass and some leaves.Had to drop the bug in an opening and hope for a quick strike before it got hung on a

weed.As I've said before an advantage flyfishing under those conditions is easily being able to snap the weeds off with a crisp backast.One nice thing about fishing the Dupe is it's slower cfs vs the Fox/Kank allows for the fun of a 4wt instesd of requiring a 6 to deal with the big guys.L to r the pics of the 18,19,16.5

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