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Neat Slider

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This is a topwater slider pattern I came up with:








Hook angle is key. The first one I constructed had the hook too deep in the foam. In addition, I took sandpaper and sanded the front nose down a little. Now, it dives perfectly every time and pushes alot of water. In addition, it makes a slight noise when pulled under the water. Yet to try it on smallies, but have caught largemouth and large sunfish on it already.

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I think three or four hackle wraps between the block and tail would "perdy" it up some.


Yep. It is way too practical looking. Only fish would buy it :)


For one fly that slides dives and pops, you ought to try Edmonds' Stealth Bomber-also sort of an ugly duck. But it comes from the right state. Make it as pretty as you want.


My ugly version.



Nice instructions here.



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