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9-12 Kish


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I fished a section of the Kish on Saturday. I entered the river at a bridge and started fishing a pool just downstream of the bridge with the plan of working my way upstream. Soon after I started casting, another fisherman entered the river and started moving upstream. I hate when that happens.


I had never fished downstream from this bridge, so I decided to do some exploring rather than get into the car and drive to another spot. I worked my way pretty far downstream, and although I caught several 10 inchers, this section of the river was pretty shallow so I probably won't fish it again. I made my way upstream and when I started casting around the bridge (where I am sure the other guy had fished) things started getting better.


I caught a couple of small bass around the bridge and lost a good one. I caught several more dinks as I worked my way upstream. I finally got the to pool that I really wanted to fish and got into some decent fish. I caught three smallies ranging from 14 to 16 inches, and lost a couple more. I caught all of the fish on the same fly. I am not sure what the name of fly is, and the fly that I used in the only one that I have. I will have to spend some time figuring out how to duplicate it.

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