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Another new fly rod on the way

Jonn Graham

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your gonna have some splaing to do :blink: . doesnt matter, whatever grief your wife gives you cause in the end you'll still have a sage :D !!! I'd love to have one if I could afford it!! I'm looking for a nice 7wt and I also have my eye on a neat little TFO 1wt. I have a "wish list" that includes those rods as well as another centerpin rig, a new mathews bow and the big dollar item, a hobie pro angler kayak. I already have several ideas for kayak outings that will include the new fly gear. my dream kayak trip is to put in somewhere on the chicago lakefront and fish for perch, smallies and salmon/steelhead. and make my way north to door county Wis to the limestone flats to fly fish for lake michigan monster carp!!



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Seeing that all name brand fly fishing equipment that is current must be sold at the exact same price by all retailers, I hope that you purchased your new equipment from one of the retailers that support the ISA through donations at the Bronzeback Blowout. Some of them may be members of the ISA and actually read the posts made by other members. I would hope that we are setting a good example to other members and putting our best foot forward.




While I'll agree that considering a supporting business when deciding on a new purchase is a good option and an equally good gesture, I don't feel its fair to imply this is somewhat of an obligation of our membership via a public forum.


Maybe a better angle would be to offer any positive experiences you have had with our supporting businesses, including things like the quality of a more personal service experience, the valuable information and expertise that might be offered, the value of supporting small business, the value of a supporting business to groups like the ISA, etc., in fact that could be a whole different post that should be presented in a more positive manner.


Personally, I have purchased across the board (online, eBay, mega retailers, small shops, private parties) and will continue to do so as its my hard earned cash I'm spending, so I'll reserve my right to spend it as I see fit.


I think there is great value in supporting small business, both to the shop owner and the purchaser. I have gotten plenty of great advice over the purchase of a handful of flies, tying materials, or even a spool of tippet. I think about that when I return to buy a new setup (or two). I also sense there may be a sense of brotherhood between some of the small shops. Hopefully they can spread the business around with our help and each others help. Everyone has to make a living and I doubt any of them are looking at making a killing in the big picture.


Point taken, but let's take a more positive approach.

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Stop by the flower shop , get some perfume and some fine chocolates. Plan B stop by the lumber yard and buy enough to build a comfortable dog house if the first part doesn't work.


Dinner, a show and a baby sitter may get you out of the dog house in a week or three.

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