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Soul restoration

Norm M

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I went out today on a small crick just to enjoy the solitude and whatever I might catch. I used a light action spin rod with 8 lb test and a handful of small jigs-plastics.


I was using A Cubbie Lure Mini Mite that was about 1 inch long and maybe 1/64 oz. I was happily catching a bunch of creek chubs and small sunnies when I landed the smallest stream fish I've caught this year. It was a shiner of some sort about 1.5 inches long. How it got the hook in it's mouth I'll never know, prolly a one in a gazillion shot but there it was in all it's glory. I briefly condidered using it for rock bass bait but figured that any fish with that kind of gumption had to live.


Once I got to an area where the crick widened to almost a cast across I swithed to a 1/16 oz jig with a 2 inch twister and that was the ticket for the rest of the day.

Palm sized sunnies, a crappie, a bullhead, some smallies and a whole bunch of rock bass rounded out the trip.


I did not see another person let alone any other fisherman but plenty of wildlife including coons and deer early on. I heard but didn't see a couple turkeys back in the woods and saw a squirrel miss it's branch and take a swim. They sure look a lot smaller soaking wet.


All in all a soul restoring day.

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Sometimes its nice to get away and do some simple fishing. No people, easy wading, beautiful scenery, nice weather, cooperative fish (even if they're on the small side) and some good company can be a refreshing change.


Catching 10" to 12" smallies on a 5 wt (or smaller) fly rod is a lot of fun!

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