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Cement Chunks?

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there is a right and wrong way to do it. it may have to be cut back into the bank so high water will not run around the backside and create a worse problem they can contact the idnr or the kish watershed partnership for guideance . or send me a pm for contact info rich m

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The reason I ask is because a friend of mine told me that he was wading in the area and the farmer

was a bit upset about him wading (yada, yada, yada) anyway after talking with the farmer I guess

the farmer mentioned that he put the cement chunks that are already there and that he planes on

adding more to it. Thanks for the advise. I will be contacting the Kishwaukee Watershed Partnership.




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If it's a navigabile river I'd contact the Army Corps of Engineers as well. You generally have to get a permit from them first before altering the flow in protected streams. That includes adding to or taking things out of that river.

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The Kishwaukee, from the way I understand it, is only navigable in Winnebago Co.

I guess it is a county law passed for canoes and tubes so I don't think the

Army Corps of Engineers would have anything to do with it. Also this is on the

south branch of the Kish and I'm trying to find out now if this county law is for

both branches or just the north branch. I'm sure that will be real fun trying to

get an answer to. Seems like an official type person you talk to officially don't

know nothing for sure. If that make sense.


I did find this site that I'm looking over. This may be of some help to others.........



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