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Mike G

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The author of that story, Joe Cornwall, recently signed up as an ISA member for 3 years .


Joe knows a good thing when he sees it. He is also the heart and soul of FlyFishOhio. Check his tying videos on the site. ISA is lucky to have him.

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Nice article, it makes it look like you can actually tye flies (Ha). When you think you have it perfected, you should send it to Rainy's.


Rainy who? Hah! 500 milion Chinese don't know who Rainy is.


In the mean time, the stylist's stuff is on the cutting edge. Does it catch fish? That is all we need to know.


I have been following Rich's work with Bohemian Chenille flys for several years. It stands on its own merit whether a commercial house picks it up or not. Actually I prefer the secrecy of flys that are not widely known.


It is about catching fish, not commercial success. So who cares if you can't by them from Rainy.

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