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hula grubs


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I do swear by the Garlic Chomper skirted twin tails (Spider Grub).

Fish don't like me, so the garlic scent means everything, as I've come to determine.

Watermelon w/red flake has been good to me, but I also got schooled in the Spring by a guy using smoke colored grubs.

The whole color thing...whatever.

Found this particular brand through friends that fish tournies with them successfully, for what it's worth.


I use a red bullet weight, red Gamakatsu EWG hook for grubs and tubes.

Why red? Because they make 'em, and they don't cost any more for it.


Going out at daybreak tomorrow with exactly this set-up, as a matter of fact.


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I've found 3 brands of hulas I like and use for different reasons. Chompers, Yammamoto/Kinami, or Yum gonzo grubs all work good for me. Favorite color is green pumkin or something close to it. Any natural color seems to work. The only color that doesn't seem to work as good are the colors with sparkly flecks. Who ever saw a sparkly/shinny crawfish or frog? I think that is what a hula grub is immitating anyway. A frog jumping off the bank and scooting along the bottom or a crawfish tumbling in the current after being scared out from under a rock.

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I never tried a hula grub...I like plastics so maybe I'll give it a try....you guys convinced me.

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