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Kankakee River Cleanup 09-19

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The NIAA is holding the Kankakee River Cleanup on 09-19-09 from 8:00 AM until 1:00PM.

As part of the original Adopt A River agreement in which the ISA adopted a 3 mile stretch of the Kankakee River from Warner Bridge to Hoffman Island we agreed to have a cleanup on this date.


To meet our obligation I am asking for volunteers to meet at the concession stand at the Kankakee River State Park at 8:00 AM. We will go from there to cover our adopted stretch. The NIAA will provide lunch for all volunteers.


Let's hope for a better turnout than last year where it was two members trying to clean 3 miles of river.

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I've been looking for an opportunity in my schedule to contribute time to ISA, and the wife just gave me clearance. Count me in!


If my son were not just off to college, you'd have two more volunteers instead of one.

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Thanks guys.


Right now getting the rest of the day off to fish is iffy, waiting to hear back from the "man" at work. If I can't go I'll give you some spots to fish.

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It's part of the NIAA cleanup and a River Appreciation Day event as well. The ISA is honoring it's agreement with the Adopt A River program and scheduling a clean up on this day.


As far as I'm concerned bring all the willing hands you can. Hopefully they will like what they see and join up. If not hopefully they will commit to the river itself and help keep it a going concern.

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How will the clean up day work? What will be provided and what will we need to bring? Are we getting in the water or just working the shoreline? Any other info you have would be good. Breakfast before? Go to lure for the afternoon? ;)

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Breakfast not planned but if any want to they can. Twixt the NIAA and my trunk we should have all the cleanup supplys, NIAA supposed to provide food.


You can get into water to cleanup if desired but most of the effort will be along the shorelines and parking lots. If you opt for shoreline you may get your feet wet.


I'm off that day so Zach and I will fish for a while afterward. We do plan to go to a star show at ONU that evening.

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