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Elections are Coming up...Who does ISA endorse...

jim bielecki

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For many years I was a non-voter. I would rationalize, "what good is my vote...it's only one vote anyway."


Or I would think "how does my vote count when politicians do whatever they want anyway?"


Well, I'm a little older now and I vote for one reason... to respect the people who died for our country...What a strong statement that demonstrates! During the history of our country millions of people have fought for our right to vote. It doesn't matter to me if my vote makes a difference or not.


In my mind I'm paying respect...and that respect is well deserved...I think it's ashame more people don't vote, if, for no other reason.


I'm very skeptical of politicians and empty promises. I could only hope they are trying to do what's right but, personally I'm not convinced.


I have a lot of respect for our armed forces...they are put in compromising situations and sometimes pay the ultimate sacrifice. I encourage members to show up at the polls this year...


But who is the candidate who is most likely to be more active in the conservation arena?

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