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September/October Issue Bronzeback Bulletin

Mike G

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It is a good one.


I have not seem much notice on this one. As usual I read it from cover to coner within a day or two.


It was good to see Rich's Wonder Worm demonstrated. I appreciate its value for a fly rod though I wonder about using it on spinning gear. Wouldn't the traditional plastic do as well?


Brenden Terrill's piece made me re-evaluate my use of snaps. I have avoided them because I want to be in the habit of retying often. It avoids worn knots that big fish break off. However being able to change baits quickly is a major advantage. One just has to remember to retie often. Besides, I have just re-read Buck Perry's book where he recommends about the same snap for Spoonplugging. The snap allows for free action and quick changing. Buck wrote that 40-50 years ago.


Since I had heard there might be an article on sun glasses, I have been holding off my thoughts on the ones I use. I will post something on that soon in the equipment section.

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We signed up a dozen new members at Hunting and Fishing Days, and more than a few were sold on the ISA because of the quality of the publication, and the content therein.

I made it a point to showcase the articles in numerous editions, and those interested in smallmouth fishing took to it right away and joined.


That's why we encourage our members to submit articles on hot topics for each issue.

It's a big part of the membership, especially for those that have limited fishing time.

The next best thing to a day outdoors is a good read!

Turn off the TV and open the Bronzeback Bulletin.



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Guest rich mc

mike , the worm has a few special things about it when comparing it to a plastic worm. it can be cast with spinning gear... when its wet. it seems to hold up longer than plastics. when used unweighted the water it holds is lost once ithits the water and is a neutral to slow fall bait. it can move at the slightest twitch of the rod or push of current. rich

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