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Volunteer Opportunity- Conservation Advisory and Support Committee

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Wanted- A Few Good Members

(Conservation Advisory and Support Committee)


As the conservation arm of the ISA has grown in leaps and bounds over the past several years, the number of volunteers needed to maintain the program has not grown with it.

To meet these demands, I'm putting together the ISA Conservation Committee, and could use a little help if you feel this would be something that interests you.

With rising fuel costs and time being a precious commodity due to work and family constraints, many of our members relate that they would like to help more with the conservation aspect, but can't seem to pull the trigger and jump into the fray. Like many of you, I also struggle to prioritize work and family, and the time required as your Conservation Director has become overwhelming to say the least.

Being a Conservation Advisory and Support Committee member will allow our members to provide support without leaving the house.

A brief monthly conference call and the ability to send and receive emails is all that is required.

The purpose of this Committee is to better manage the myriad of details that go into the organizational aspects of our program.

In order to maintain the professionalism and integrity among our peers that we currently appreciate, we need the assistance of a few of our members that are proficient in communication skills and can think on their feet.

If this is you, please consider calling, emailing or PM'ing me so we can discuss the matter further.


Mike Clifford



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I'm not sure about my communication skills, but I'd like to volunteer to help.



I've also received PM's, and this is turning into a very encouraging program.

Keep them coming.

In the next few days, I'll be responding individually.


It doesn't take much- just a computer and a little telephone time.

We already do that!

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