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Best lures for fishing picnic benches and telephone poles

Mark O'Donnell

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Spinnerbaits are a great option, you may want to change out the blade and go bigger, don't be afraid of a size 7 or 8 Colorado.


Big thick, heavy plastics with lots of bulk that will push water. Big jig/pig that will crash, bang and blast thru debris piles.


Large deep running cranks that will really push water fished really slow.


Color don't mean diddly by the time they can see the color they will have already eaten it.



Man I love these kind of conditions, still trying to dry off before I go to work.


Lots of flooded roads and parking lots down my way, and it hasn't stopped raining. If anything it may be picking up.


The flow rate has more than doubled in little over 24 hours.



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35 years on the same flow and I still severly limit where I go in these kinds of conditions.


Stay away from any steep or muddy banks with the flow at 50,000 CFS one slip could be fatal.

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