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Online petition against State Park closings:


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My son ran a cross country race at Kickapoo State Park today where they passed around a petiton with 17,000 signatures in support of the park there.


...but even with this massive show of support, if you don't go after Blago, he will have gotten away with this "game" of threatening beloved public resources for political advantage.


If you don't punish politicians who play this cynical lowest common denominator kind of game you'll see this over and over again.


Blago has to go.


...where can I sign that petition?

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The Senate has 30 days to send the bills to the governor, who then has 60 days to approve, reject or change them.


If Blagojevich does nothing with the bills, they will become law. He could also approve the bills, but refuse to release the funding.


Budget cuts announced by Blagojevich late last month led to the closing of the parks as of Nov. 1 and historic sites on Oct. 1 and slashed the budgets of state human service agencies.


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