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I need to buy this rod and reel


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Rather amazing that it held together. I bought my son a number of cheap spin cast outfits, what a waste of money. Cheap crap. These were not even "toy" outfits.

I finally bought him a 40 dollar glass tip ugly stick/ shakespear spinning combo. I loaded it with 10lb Suffix, the tail end of a 150 yard spool. Then I can change tippets, appropriate for the situation.


He's caught lots of big fish and we fish a lot.


i think it was Al Lindner that said, "Never hand a kid something you would not fish with"


He did want the Roland Martin Rocket fishing thing-a-ma jig for Xmas. Roland Martin.... snake oil anyone?

Needless to say. Santa brought a Wii instead.

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Take your kids to anglers international in palatine. They have a wide range of imported Aussie & Japanese stuff mostly too expensive but there is a section of realistic panfish lures that are moderatly priced & look like beetles, dragonflies ect. that your guys would get a kick out of. I suspect they also work at catching fish.

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