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catch and release

Norm M

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This on catch and release from Ray Bergmans book Just Fishing published in April 1932.


This came from a letter from a fisherman named Lloyd Taylor to Ray Bergman for a segment on angling ethics. he is talking about catching and releasing trout but it can easily apply to any fish.


"Striving only to secure the legal limit destroys your pleasure and diverts your mind from the sport to the capacity of the creel. Make the capture of each fish a complete episode. Remember that there are many others on the same quest who deserve consideration."


Here is Ray Bergmans thought: ""Make the capture of each fish a complete episode."" " Here in a single sentence is the very essence of what constitutes the real fascination of fishing."


75 years ago and they were thinking about catch and release as way for increasing numbers of fisherman to all enjoy the resource. I really like that line about making the capture of each fish a complete episode , that really speaks to my current way of thinking. It's all about enjoying the experience for itself and taking it in in it's totality.

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Thanks Ron,


I've read that one and a couple others. I may have read more books by the oldtime trout guys than the average smallie fisherman because they were the only guys writing about current when I was younger.


Not that I'm old or anything like that, just experienced.

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