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Dave's Sheep Shad

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This is a Dave Whitlock pattern I have been tearing up small to medium sized largemouth with. It looks really awesome in the water. I have not been a good clear water smallie situation to throw it yet and to be honest i think it needs some work as it is a hair too boyant. It's kind of a time consuming fly to tie also. As it stands, though it's a very realistic fly and they hit with recklessness.




It's a 9395 hook, bent at the nose. The body is icelandic sheep hair. Grey, white and yellow. Pearl Krystalflash, Silver Flashabou, the wing at the top is a hackle. The gilcover a flank of mallard. The "eye" dotted on with a Sharpie and painted with Flexament. Finally I used a stripe of easter hay, to give it that irrescent pearly look. The fly is pretty translucent in the water. It has a beautiful action.


This one has been mangled by a LOT of fish. They are even prettier just out of the vise.



Dave Whitlock has a video sold thru Bass Pro. He takes you thru tying it step by step. Also some fantastic, instruction on spinning deer hair, of which he is a master.


I met him he's a cool guy too.

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