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Lot of fishing not much catching report


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Fished the Kank 2x and the the Fox 1x this week.Hit 2 smb on the 1st Kank outting catching a 16 and losing yet another biggie due to a breakoff on the strike.He hit like a freightrain among the rocks and may have dragged the leader, which broke just below the tippet knot, across a rock on that vicious strike.Fished a Zonker and a Meat Whistle.Caught 2 about 13' with poppers on the Fox which was low and relatively clear.Back to the Kank where I caught only 1, an 18.5" walleye. As usual all were midday outtinge of about 4-5hrs.It could be that the fishing is getting into a late summer funk with better results having to wate until the water cools after mid September?

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