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I'd first like to thank Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, Marc Miller and their entire staff for providing this opportunity to showcase our organization at the Illinois State Fair every year.


Steve Jordan, Marc and myself were able to treat the kids to a Casting Clinic, while educating the adults about ISA programs, and the rain barrels you see in the slideshow below.


Everyone came away with a better understanding of what it means to pass along a conservation ethic and to lead a sustainable way of life.


I spoke with many DNR and a few USF&W staff on this day, and they shared with me the fact they are very grateful for all our efforts.

One such opinion was that we are the most "progressive organization" they have seen in this state.


All the hard work you have seen or been a part of throughout the year(s) has not been in vain.

The next time you see a volunteer opportunity available, please consider lending a hand for a few hours or a day.

No effort is too small to make a profound difference in the big picture.


The slideshow below pretty well sums it all up.




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Guest rich mc

another well run event by mike clifford. smiles on the kids faces says it all. talking with the other groups is just icing on the cake. thanks mike and steve rich

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It's been a long year, and it isn't over yet.

Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days needs volunteers at the end of September for our Conservation Station and Kids Casting area.

More later on this.


I'm taking a couple weeks off from everything.


See you all soon.


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