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River Otter Sightings


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I was again this past Saturday graced by the presence of an otter, this time on the DuPage River in the greater

Naperville area. It swam over oblivious to me and my topwater as I stood in chest high grass and cast out

my topwater plug. Then it made its way up the bank and began to frolic through the same grass and either

picked up my scent or my cast, retrieve and rattling lure set off his alarm. The little fella made an immediate

bee-line back from which it came and no more critter.


This same type of encounter was made once last year w/ my brother and again this spring w/ my junky pal

Rudy. Now we (the three heads together to make one good brain) can tell the difference in critters. Neither

was a beaver as it did not have a large paddle tail, large front teeth, wide berth body. It was not a muskrat

as the tail was too thick and the body too long and sleek. Having watched them @ the Brookfield Zoo I am

convinced as were my compadres that we had a bonafide otter sighting! Now three times. How cool is that?

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Eric M. and I saw one on the I&M canal near Channahon. I saw one on the Kank on two occasions. A friend made two sightings on the Kank also.


Today I positively IDed an osprey on the DesPlaines at Rt 83. It's a resident not passing thru. I've seen it on several occasions just not close enough for positive ID.


I read in Chicago wilderness that Bobcats live in the Dupage County. Do I doubt your story....not in the least.



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