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Permission to hunt

jim bielecki

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Hi guys. By being part of the ISA I have met a lot of great people with good ethics and values. As part of this network I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would give me permission to bow hunt deer, or know someone who would. Access to good hunting land is becoming more and more difficult to find...it's very frustrating. Illinois has a lot of deer, however, people in general frown upon hunters and deny them permission.


Sure I can go on public land and I have. I have bow hunted on public land for more than 10 years and have yet to be successful. The odds of success is extremely low...people are careless and walk all over the place. In addition, there are other seasons going on at the same time. Within a week the deer become nocturnal which becomes even more frustrating.


I'm the only one asking for permission...no friends, no brothers, sisters, father-in-law, cousins, ect...just me.


Some people think that if they have permission to hunt they can bring other people out there too...I'm inquiring for just me.


I appreciate any help you can give me.


You can pm me if you have any information.



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