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BPS Excel Mono

Mark K

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So I loaded my ultralight up with 4lb Excel. It fishes really nice. It's very limp and i see no advantage in using Trilene XL over it. It might even be better than XL.

The stuff is filthy cheap 10 bucks for 1500 yards. I'm going to try the 8lb stuff in Lake Michigan. If you ae a mono guy, this stuff is worth a go around.



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Pretty sure Kamala is still using it.


I've experimented with flurocarbon and also used Fireline in the last couple years. I keep going back to McCoys or XT.

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I tried this many years ago and had no complaints at all. I used the 14 pound test and it took some abuse hauling greenies out of cover. I switched to McCoy last year but this would probably be my second choice.

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