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Daming of streams and creeks

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I found his article on the prairie state outdoors website and thought id share it ... I dont like the idea of dam building as a "fun time" it throws a lot of things out of wack in the waterway..




..Here is a quote from Jeff Lampe the man who made the video..

"Plus, we only dammed one half of the creek: the other side was still free flowing. Personally, I don’t see small dams on half a stream as a real problem."

Posted by Jeff Lampe on 07/18 at 01:24 PM


he states that "they only built a dam half way across the creek and the other side was free flowing"...look at the video looks like it goes all the way across.



If we find one of these "fun time dams" should we tear it down or leave it be?

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The Dufus (Jeff) and his idea of a good time with kids make it self evident why property owners don't want visitors like him. To point out a few things:


1. They carve a path through the woods. Dufus didn't have a clue what he was chopping down.


2. They build a dam. You are right about the havoc such fun projects can wreak on a creek. The 1/2 dam excuse is lame if it is true that they only damed 1/2 of the flow. Though it may be 1/2 the havoc, that could still be a lot of damage to the creek regardless of what Dufus thinks..


3. They leave it there proving that they do not know that the action has any other effect than fun for the kids.


4. Dufus poses as Robin Hood bringing the goodies of outdoor life to the kids. For him, it is OK to break the law. He is really the devil showing innocents how to abuse property rights and abuse a beautiful creek. If "Robin" and his merry band keep it up, there won't be any more Pine Creeks as we know them.


Scouts and other youth groups should use the article and video as an example of what not to do on a weekend out.


As for your question on what to do when you find a "fun dam," I say stake it out. If Dufus returns, make him tear down the dam and then beat the tar out of him. Don't worry. In his mind, it is OK to break the law. Let him see how it feels. (This last part is tongue in cheek. But I do think the property owner should have filed charges just to give Dufus a wake up call. Dufus should think how he would feel if an uninvited group camped in his back yard, cut down plants, and built a rock wall "just for fun.")


Just some thoughts. Robin Hood was cool. Dufus is a poser of the worst sort.

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Wade, I agree with you.


Building a dam like that can do things like modify the course of a river. The reporter is trying to connect this to the limited liability issue for landowners, but that's a stretch. Even if the land owner weren't liable, it's unrealistic to expect them to tolerate someone coming onto their property to play out their Corps of Engineers fantasies. They were out of line.


Unfortunately, this one is a blow against free access to streams.

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Guest rich mc

cabins are for rent at white pines state park on pine creek.. signs are all over saying absolutely NO WADING . isa did a fishing seminar there about 6-7 years ago. me, jay angel and kevin dells . we fished afterward and access was hard because anglers can not wade. rich

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