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Wanted: Reel and/or 6 lb fly line


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josh, when it comes to fly fishing for most situations unless your fishing steelhead/salmon or in my case big carp. the reel basically just holds the line and you can get a inexpensive reel to do the job. but the flyline is a whole other story. get the best line you can afford, it makes a world of difference. I've used inexpensive lines only to be very disappointed. keep in mind you dont change flyline like you do mono. if you take care of you flyline it will take care of you for years. it is well worth the investment. I've paid as much as $60 for fly line and its worth every penny. you dont need to spend 60, you can get a good line for about $40. just avoid the $19.99 and under lines. for the most part you get what you pay for. shop around and compare prices. cortland or orvis line is the same product where ever you buy it.


good fishin


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