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Dupage water flow question?


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Can someone explain why or how the weeds effect the flow readings and it's relation to depth.

Over the past few years I have had a problem trying to figure out how wadeable the river is.In the

spring when I was out in a given spot the flow was about 400 CFS and it appears to be the same depth

today and the flow is only 170 CFS.

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Guest Don R

The short answer would be 'water displacement'.


Imagine if you will a gutter half filled with flowing water. Now place many rocks (or in this case, weeds) in the gutter. It would now take far less flowing water for the depth to remain the same.



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It's also been my experience that the weeds raise the water level. I've fished a certain stretch at many different times during the year. In the winter and early spring parts of this are about calf deep. Now they are about thigh deep. There are also a few riffles and current breaks that semi disappear for the summer.

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