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Expired Membership


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Hey, I just realized my membership expired at the end of June and I didn't receive any renewal notice. Do I just hit the new membership link on the home page and re-join?I didn't see a renewal option on the form. This is one place I actually want to pay my money to, lol. I don't want to miss anything.


Ron G

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Ron, according to the database you're good until October. And yes, when the time comes you can click on the new member link to rejoin. I'm not sure why there's not a renewal button to push, so don't ask me! :lol:


Thanks for being so adamant about keeping your membership up to date. Maybe your enthusiasm will become contagious! ;)

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Well there we have it!! Thanks to all who replied. Our leaders run this organization right and promptly address our concerns. I guess that's why I tell every smallie angler I run across about us. I'll be sure to send that renewal money when the time comes. Thanks again. :D

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