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Two for One


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Thought I would share a simple couple things that work for me.


One, if while out fishing you find a lure and it is in good shape use it that day if not immediately. This has happened several times and I've always caught fish on them if not on that day then at another time.


Two, I'm sure this has been discussed before but it's been a fish saver for me (as opposed to life saver) :)

If you google In-Fisherman there is a deep hook removal technique listed under the six or so options. If someone wants to post the actual link feel free to hijack. Anyway when a fish is hooked in the gullet (swallows the hook) you basically go through the gills to twist and invert the hook. Once this is done it will come out very easily (sometimes it just pops out on the inversion). It's best to actually read and look at the pictures as this is a very abreviated version of what needs to happen. This can sometimes take a few tries so be sure to dunk the fish to breathe between tries. Also I use my forceps not my fingers.


Good luck, hope this helps someone have a better day on the water.



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Find a lure and pick it up...


good point Ken. I have at some lures that have worked that way.In no special order:


1/4 oz Daredevle removed from the throat of a Smallmouth bass that I caught on another lure. Later caught 25" Musky and countless Brook Trout.


1/5 oz Krocadile found on shore at Blackwell. It is a great lure for "catchable" trout. I bought a backup but still use the original one.


Tiny Torpedo, Red White snagged in the weeds at Silver Lake, WI. I caught the attached section of line which had a 1/4 oz lead weight on it. This proved to be a good surface lure for Bass at Blackwell.


U 20 Flatfish in yellow came up on a branch I snagged in Basswood Lake, Ont. Later on the same lake when I drew the guide (stern) position in the canoe, I used it between paddling strokes for lots of SM Bass while my buddy fly fished from the bow.


4" Sluggo found in shallows. I replaced the hook and used it. It was my first use of a soft jerk bait. I caught so many and missed so many more Bass on it that I added SJBs to my short list of lures.


That reminds me that I have a couple other "orphans" that I should try...

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