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Farmers for a Flood Free Kankakee

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If anything good is to happen to the river, it will be after Illinois takes a very firm stand against Indiana's management of the river.

I think most elected officials are beginning to get the message that flood protection begins upstream and not by dumping it on the neighbors downstream, but it isn't good enough.

Please share this with those you feel are concerned with the health of the river. Maybe we can nip this in the bud before it gets going.


What: Legislative Field Day

Where and When:

Wednesday July 23, 2008 10:00 am CDT approx. 2 hrs


Pavilion west of SR 39 and SR 8

Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area

Near the intersection of Hwy 8 and 39


From the intersection of State Road 8 and State Road 39 go ¼ mile west and

turn north into the Park area.




A group of farmers from LaPorte and Starke Counties have come together with the purpose of getting the Kankakee River regularly maintained for an unobstructed water flow. All legislators with districts that are within the Kankakee Watershed are going to be invited for a 2 hour tour and briefing.


The Spokesmen for the group is:


Dick Welsh

3011 W 900 S

Union Mills, IN 46382

219-716-6300 cell

219-767-2900 home


The reason we are focusing on this now is because the destruction from

flooding and poor drainage is on peoples minds. If you believe the

Kankakee needs [to be] cleaned out and maintained now is the time to take action.


Let's work together to prevent a tragedy in the future.




John Newsom



John Newsom

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

Regional Manager


(574) 274-6144


The real tragedy is occurring every single day on the Illinois side of the state line as we bear the burden of all that unmitigated Indiana sediment.


We can put up all the signs we can muster, educate people about poaching and pollution issues....but the real problem here is pollution of another kind:

Non-point source.

The quality of fishing we are accustomed to is surely and progressively declining as spawning habitat is suffocated.

Sediment is a pollutant in its own right, causing turbidity in the water that limits light penetration and prohibits healthy plant growth on the river bed. Sediment also covers much of the river bed with a blanket of silt that smothers life. By covering up gravel and cobble, sediment destroys the spawning grounds and habitat of desirable fish species such as bass, walleye, pike, catfish and panfish. Instead, less desirable species such as carp are favored by the sediment-enriched habitat.


Finally, sediment is an important carrier of a critical pollutant: phosphorus. This nutrient stimulates excessive algae growth in the water column. When the algae decomposes, it depletes dissolved oxygen from the water, reducing the quality of life forms that are able to survive.


This group is our first line of defense in Illinois.

BE SURE to let them know you intend to see them in attendance at this quorum.






Phone: 815-937-8940 x3



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Mike ,


Have it duly noted , are you going?





Does the ISA have a representative on the KRBC ? I know we used to.

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Norm was the rep before, we have nobody on their board currently.


No, I cannot make it to the meeting.

Those meetings are purposely scheduled when all of them are on the payroll, as the rest of us are working our real jobs as well.

Drastically cuts down on dissenters that would mob the place if it was in the evening.


The KRBC should have a representative attending, as they are the watershed group here, and if they do not there is something seriously wrong with that picture.

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Right now it looks real good for me to make it. Maybe I'll run into JR from the NIAA or Rich from the Soil/Water Conservation Dept there.


You think I should wear the ISA shirt or go undercover?

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Well I may be on the list of known troublemakers like you Mike but I'll fly the flag.

Try not to turn over (many) cars, or set anything on fire, Norm.

If you really feel as though you're gonna snap..... call me.



We'll do it together and trash everything.


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The Kankakee Mafia




Radicals for a Free Flowing River



Radicals for a Free Flowing River would be more like it . We don't have the muscle or the organization needed to be any thing close to a Kankakee Mafia., remember which two yahoos you're talking about. Besides I think you have to be way too conservative and cut your hair too short to be a Mafia type.

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Well it still looks good for me to go. I'll take notes and report back.


Any one else that may come , I going to bring the gear with and fish afterwards. I've got the Indiana Atlas and Gazetter in the car.

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