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ISA in local paper

Norm M

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The Illinois smallmouth Alliance is in the Kankakee Daily Journal with regards to the military kids fishing event.


Kudos to Mike Clifford

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Mike ,


I guess part of that proves my wife's belief that I'm not bright enough to come in out of the rain . :P

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To say I've learned from the best is an understatement.

You and I talked conservation before conservation was popular.

You are the heart and soul of all things related to the Kankakee River, Norm.

There is a finite number of individuals to thank for a phenomenal smallmouth fishery through the sands of time, and you are one of them.


Along with Gordon Graves, J.R. Black, Ed Mullady and the rest......

There aren't enough parks to dedicate to people who go above and beyond the call of duty for this watershed, but there are a few that come to mind that care more than the average bear.

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Thank You very much Mike. It's nice to be appreciated.


I meant what I said in the other thread, you are dong the best job ever as Conservation Director .


I had a nice chat with Bob Rung about weeds last Wednesday . Hopefully I can swing a deal at work and make the next water willow deal in July . I want to continue the discussion with him as it was enlighting.



BTW, did you see the Journal was reporting a guy in Momence caught a 20 lb plus largemouth and has first in the derby . That I gotta see to believe.

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